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Jewelry Design Graduate – Manual

Become a Successful Jewelry Designer

Do you want to learn how to work with diamonds, gemstones, and other precious metals? Do you have stunning ideas for designing necklaces, earrings, rings, and other jewellery pieces? If you have answered the above questions as a yes, then you should pursue our jewellery designing courses in Mumbai.

The Gems and Jewellery designing are one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and brings in a lot of foreign exchange into the country. People today are conscious of what they wear and how they look. Jewellery that once used to basically for investment has now become more of a style statement. It has led to an increase in demand for creative jewellery designers who can create stunning pieces of jewellery for different occasions and moods. There is also a growing demand for a qualified jewellery designer in the global fashion industry to create designer jewellery for fashion shows and also for retailing purposes.

The Jewelry Design Graduate course includes basic and advanced stages of manual jewellery design. Covering both India and International markets, this course allows students to explore their creativity and augment their knowledge in the most innovative and resourceful manner. This manual design jewellery course in Mumbai is aimed at individuals looking to improve their knowledge and hone their skills to learn how to design and create stunning jewellery pieces. Students enrolling in the course learn the basic skill sets such as cutting of stones, gems and metals, their engraving, polishing and also testing their quality. Unlike other jewellery designing degree courses in Mumbai, we focus on encouraging creative thinking and aesthetic understanding of fine and fashion jewellery designing processes. On the completion of the course, you will be able to gain knowledge of every small detail of the jewellery designing process.
As such, the demand for people with expertise in jewellery making and designing is increasing as years progress.

Unfortunately, although the market is flooded with demands for extensive and intricate jewellery designs, there is a dearth of professional designers. People have a hard time trusting independent designers because of their lack of credentials. That is why the jewellery designing degree courses in Mumbai have become so popular. These courses have become the fence that separates amateur designers and trained professionals whom the general public can trust.

If you are someone with a creative mind, the right imagination, and an understanding of the trends, then a manual jewellery design course would be perfect for you. This course will allow you to learn the basics of jewellery designing and all the other skills needed to be successful in it.
A manual jewellery designing course can help students become versatile and adopt different professional settings in the future. You might think that these courses will limit the aspirants to a select few workplaces, but the amount of practical knowledge and work ethic that one gains during and after completing said courses prepares them for many challenges that they might encounter during their lives.

There is actually no limit to what a manual design jewellery course could help a person achieve. Someone who is well equipped with knowledge might also enter the film industry as an accessory designer. Nearly all movies and films require a manual jewellery design expert to make intricate and symbolic designs that are sometimes essential to the plot. The course we offer can also equip you with the knowledge to become an independent jewellery designer or an entrepreneur. Our course emphasizes creative thinking and pushing past the boundaries of what we think is normal and feasible. An entrepreneur becomes successful by taking such risks in a professional work environment. Our expertly crafted jewellery courses in Mumbai can also help aspirants become knowledgeable gemmologist with thorough knowledge on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Moreover, many people pursue jewellery design courses to pursue their dreams and passion, and to acquire thorough knowledge on the subject in all aspects. A professional jewellery designing course would look wonderful on anyone’s resume, no matter what field they aspire to work in. Moreover, the creative freedom that we promote allows students to think out of the box and come up with unique illustrations and intricacies that seem impossible to reproduce. All of these qualities add a certain amount of gravitas to one’s personality, which is as important as being an expert in the field.
At JK Diamond Institute, we believe in a perfect blend of practical and theoretical education that prepares students to apply their skills in real-life situations and problems. After our extensive jewellery design manual course, our pupils develop a professional mind-set and tend to approach all problems in a very unique and efficient manner. Our courses unlock the creative potential of an individual and provide them with the resources and capabilities to use that creativity in the most economically feasible way possible. As a result, aspirants not only become adept jewellery designers but also work on their holistic development. There is absolutely no reason for you to ignore this opportunity even if you have a subtle interest in this field.

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About the Manual Jewelry designing course:

Manual Jewelry designing is the practice of creating distinctive jewelry designs by hand. One can use this technique to pour out their unique ideas and creations on a blank piece of paper. In this manner, one can plan, communicate and enhance abstract ideas. A formal manual designing course enables students to hone their skills and explore bounds of creativity which leads them to develop a holistic approach in the jewelry industry.

Why should you enroll in this course?

Sketching an idea on paper seems quite manageable. However, the skill sets demanded from a professional jewelry designer include good communication skills, visual imagination, an eye for detail, adequate knowledge of past and present market trends, creativity, and the knowledge of different metals, gems and manufacturing . A manual jewelry designing course trains students to meet these industry-level requirements. All you need is a passion for jewelry designing and a burning desire to learn. 

Why is JK Diamonds Institute the best for this course?

At JK Diamonds Institute, the emphasis is on 100 % practical training and exploring creativity and understanding aesthetics. We help the students by leading their ideas and innovations in the right and fruitful direction. Along with creativity, the focus is on teaching them the technicalities of jewelry designing. Such training enables them to think from a professional jewelry designer’s perspective. It is important to start coaching the students for the ever-evolving industry today! The competition is high and the market is flooded. But we commit to nurture our students in a way that separates them from the flock of amateur designers. JK Diamonds Institute is not just known for its professional designing courses but also its expertise in gems and jewellery. We affirm that such exposure is of utmost importance in today’s professional industry.

What sets JK Diamonds Institute apart from the other institutes?

Unlike other jewelry designing courses, JK Diamonds Institute provides a Manual Jewelry designing course that focuses on individual students. Each student has a unique and exclusive way of imagination and we believe that every thought adds value. Therefore, at JK we invest in understanding students’ creative minds personally. The sheer expertise and knowledge of our highly-qualified faculty help in leading their thoughts in the right direction. Designing is an effort for the future. If jewelry designers aren’t in-line with the cultures and trends of the future, their designs are likely to remain a product of the past. To avoid such circumstances, the Manual jewelry designing curriculum at JK is structured in a way that enlightens them about current trends and helps them forecast future trends. This course does not limit its scope to the jewelry industry only. 

It branches out to serve various professions including the famous film and fashion industry. Upon completion of the course, based on the training we provide, we can assure you that our manual jewelry designing students will be great professionals and problem solvers of the industry. Each student creates their own unique and professional jewelry design portfolio by the end of the jewelry designing course.

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The Manual jewelry designing curriculum at JK is structured in a way that enlightens them students about current trends and helps them forecast future trends through the following modules. Enroll Now.


  • Understanding jewelry design and jewelry artistry
  • Introduction to Elements and Principles of jewelry design


  • Freehand Sketching of different types of shapes and forms found in nature.
  • Inspiration from various elements, Developing skills of turning inspiration into ideas.
  • Visualization & Representation of Ideas on paper
  • Use of simple tools for effective design
  • Improving designing and sketching speed.
  • Motif Study


  • Technical aspects of jewelry mechanism
  • Technical drawing & Geometry
  • Drafting techniques to design jewelry


  • Various types of settings
  • Designing various forms of jewelry like ring, pendant, earring, necklace and many more
  • Variation in jewelry


  • Color Aesthetics & Philosophy
  • Color Rendering & Application to Jewelry Designs
  • Render faceted gems stones, cabochons, and pearls
  • Rendering and texturing on metal
  • Finding & Fittings


  • Indian and International Market styles
  • Sourcing and Creating new innovative jewellery designs
  • Budget designing according to industry requirements.
  • Creating own professional industry portfolio to be competitive in the designer market of today.
  • Concept of branded jewelry


  • Cultural background of design to modern trends & styles in design
  • Theme based designing
  • Fusion & Changeable Jewelry
  • Trend analysis of jewelry
  • Upcoming Markets


  • Metallurgy with calculations of different purity gold.
  • Alloy in different Karat purity


  • Preview of diamonds from melee – star to solitaires & gemstones with different shapes and sizes
  • Stone weight calculations


  • Client management
  • Budgeting & Costing of jewelry design
  • Design as per clients requirements (Customised Jewelry)


  • Presentation capabilities & Marketing
  • Professional Portfolio for jewelry industry
  • Working on projects


  • Examination and submission of projects
  • Lifetime access to course updates through ‘Learnathon’

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