How to Learn Jewelry Designing – An Ultimate Guide

9 tips to guide you on how to Learn Jewellery Designing

For more than five thousand years, jewellery design, manufacturing and trading has been an integral part of human society and its cultural fabric. It puts together the creative skills of a designer, the precision of a highly skilled artisan and knowledge of precious metals and stones. 

If you feel you possess all these qualities or have a keen interest in learning about them, jewellery designing could be the perfect fit for you! In this article, we shall be sharing some tips on how to learn jewellery designing in India. 

What is a jewellery designing course?

Today, jewellery is about making an identity statement about who you are. A jewellery designing course is a creative course that offers detailed insights into the methods of jewellery design and making, materials used to create unique jewellery pieces, technicalities involved in the process, business insights, trends to catch up with, etc. 

Additionally, in such a course, you will get to learn about various kinds of beads, gemstones, metals, fabrication techniques, the history of the craft etc. Depending on the course you choose, you can learn about metalworks, gemology and the business aspects of this field. 

Is jewellery designing the right career for you?

Before you decide to join any jewellery designing course, consider the skills you have. Do you have a good sense of design and imagination? Has the creative bug bitten you? Do you have the skills to understand technical knowledge and the latest trends of the industry? Does jewellery excite you in any way? If your answer is yes to some of these questions, a career in jewellery designing could be the right fit for you!

Start promptly

Have you always wanted to learn how to start designing jewellery but didn’t know how? While it is true there is no such thing as a late start, starting your work early gives you the advantage and opportunity to learn better about jewellery designing, how the industry works, working with professionals, getting an in-depth knowledge about the field etc. 

There are several diploma courses offered by several institutes in jewellery designing. These are skilled based courses and hence you do not need any pre-qualifications. It is an added advantage if you are already involved in creative art of any form. 

Finding your course options

At JK Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewellery, we offer 13-week and 7-month practical graduate courses in Jewellery Design – CAD and Jewellery Design – Manual respectively. 

CAD technology has revolutionized the jewellery designing sector. Jewellery designers around the world are using this technology to create designs that are accurate, complex, and easy to modify. It is a powerful tool that businesses are using to design and create unique and novel jewellery for their clients. 

The CAD jewellery design course at JK Diamonds Institute provides advanced expertise and techniques for jewellery to use tools & commands of CAD to master the software and operate it with precision. In these classes, you will learn to draft designs, shading, creating illustration forms and shapes of the design, and more. Moreover, you learn about different gemstones and metals, their properties, different jewellery styles, and their historical importance that you can use in your designs. 

If you have a flair for drawing and creating your own work manually, our Jewellery Design – Manual course could be the right fit for you! It includes basic and advanced stages of manual jewellery design. Covering both India and International markets, this course will allow you to explore your creativity and teach you how to design your own jewellery in the most innovative and resourceful manner. Students enrolling in the course learn the basic skill sets such as cutting of stones, gems and metals, their engraving, polishing and also testing their quality. 

Figuring out costs

On your journey to how to start designing jewellery, it is important to evaluate your costs and figure out how much you can spend on the course you decide to pursue. Evaluate the cost with your goal of learning and with the course offerings to decide whether the course is best for you. Before diving into the fees aspect, you must consider the quality of the training, the Institute’s credentials and emphasis on receiving practical training. Market based approach of training in today’s times is an essential factor as theoretical knowledge is hardly of any use.

You can check out the various courses we offer at JK diamonds Institute here.

Internship opportunities

Today, a career in jewellery designing is flourishing like never before. Consumers are conscious of their image and the need for jewellery is not just a symbol of financial security or a status symbol but a symbol of one’s identity that one can wear on multiple occasions. 

Earlier, this field was limited to families who devoted themselves to jewellery designing and making, passing on the secrets from generation-to-generation. With the advent of globalisation and commercialisation, the jewellery industry is today experiencing a boom, making it more accessible to job seekers from all parts of the country.

After completing your courses, you can find vacancies within the industry or even set up your freelance designing business or retail and trading unit. Some popular design profiles that you can pursue after completing your training are: 

  • Jewellery designer: In this, designers use different materials such as gemstones, precious metals, crystals etc. to create beautiful pieces of jewellery and accessories. The process required professionals to make a sketch of the design manually and create a 3D model using CAD technology. The stones for this jewellery are then decided. A 3-D prototype then is made, and based on this, the final piece of jewellery is made through metal-casting, enamelling, stone-setting and engraving. 
  • Gemologist: These are gem or diamond experts who study different aspects of gems and stones to determine their quality, if it is genuine or not and value. They are also responsible for determining the composition and purity of gems and stones. If you are interested in pursuing this, you can also undertake the Gemology, Rough Diamonds, and Polished Diamonds course at JK Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewellery. 
  • Jewellery consultant: The job of a jewellery consultant is to help clients and customers buy their jewellery in accordance with their preferences, requirements and budget. 

Some of the top recruiters in the jewellery designing industry are – Tanishq, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd., Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Kalyan Jewellers, Joyalukkas, GRT, Hari Krishna Exports, etc. JK Diamonds Institute also helps its students secure placements with different companies.  

Apart from the above roles, you can also go on to become a jewellery merchandiser, jewellery business owner, jewellery exhibition manager, jewellery production manager etc. 

How much money can be earned?

The pay scale of a jewellery designer depends on their skill and experience. Jewellery designing is a highly rewarding career option. A jewellery designer can be a part of the glamorous fashion industry where they are heavily paid for designs. Top designers in the industry are in great demand and therefore, they are valued more. As you grow in experience, and put your skills to good use- your worth consequently increases.  If you want to work as a freelancer, your cash flow will depend on how you utilise all your skills and experience, not just in designing but in marketing your work as well. 

An efficient course in jewellery designing will help you land a rewarding job or launch your own jewellery business.

International opportunities

You have numerous opportunities, not just in India but abroad as well. The global fashion industry needs qualified jewellery designers from around the world. There is always a requirement for creative minds to create and design jewellery and fashion accessories for runway shows and fashion retailing. Once you gather good experience here, you can land a lucrative job in an international jewellery designing firm or export house. If you are pursuing your own jewellery business, you can strongly consider jewellery exports, which has shown tremendous growth even during the pandemic.

Online jewellery designing courses

With the pandemic having brought our lives to a standstill over the last year, online jewellery courses and learning jewellery designing online has become popular and it looks like it is here to stay for a while. At JK Diamonds Institute, we offer some of our courses online as well on Learnathon

Jewellery designing in India is one of the fastest growing industrial segments. India is well known as the largest consumer of gold in the world. It plays a central role in the country’s culture as well. Owning jewellery is seen as an investment too. With a rise in branded jewellery, a new market has opened for fresh jewellery designers. Employment opportunities abound in this field. Moreover, this field is expected to grow further in the coming years. 

So, if you are keen to start designing your own jewellery, and you have the creativity and passion for it, what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our jewellery designing courses with JK Diamonds Institute! You can access them here: www.jkdiamondsinstitute.com.