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Nature has showered hundreds of diamonds upon our planet, each having a unique and beautiful shape. Only a select few individuals have the ability to appreciate diamonds in their raw and original form. Keeping this in mind, interested candidates are pursuing a rough diamond course to get professional education on this subject as certified rough diamond experts are sought after by multiple organizations in the gems & jewelry industry

Rough diamonds are the raw, original forms of diamonds that aren’t altered with after they are found. Technically speaking, rough diamonds are those diamonds that haven’t undergone any form of processing – that is, they haven’t been cut, polished, or treated otherwise after they were mined out. A rough diamond certification course is essential in many ways because rough diamonds are essentially more real than the polished ones.

J K Diamonds Institute is the first in India, to offer a practical program in Rough Diamonds. It is a comprehensive course offering 100% practical knowledge and learning of diamonds from production to manufacturing, including rough diamond grading, planning and valuation which facilitates trading.

Our institute offers a unique rough diamond grading course with a highly technical curriculum and this course is also globally recognized. Diamond grading is an important sector in the industry.

Hence, rough diamond grading becomes an important and difficult task as they are not polished or cleaned. Therefore, to ascertain the quality of diamonds in their natural state is an art that requires professional training, keen eye, and a lot of practical training.

Our curriculum consists of carefully designed modules that cover each and every section and subsection of rough diamond grading. Moreover, the expert faculty and experienced instructors provide the right kind of educational atmosphere that is essential for students in order to adopt to a more professional approach.

There aren’t many of them who have specialised in professional training that pertains to grading roughdiamonds. Besides, the rough diamond industry is always booming as people are willing to pay hefty amounts of prices to grab high-quality gems. Taking the path less travelled by may prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

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Why JK?

Salient features of our Rough Diamond Grading Course

J K Diamonds is the first in India, to offer a practical program in Rough Diamonds. This is a certified course offered as per global standards.

Our institute offers a unique rough diamond grading course with a highly technical curriculum with special emphasis on 100% practical training.

Special technique for rough diamond assortment , grading and planning
100% market oriented practical course – know how the real market functions, trade tips, tricks and terminology from industry experts
Self-paced learning with individual attention for every student, along with industry/market visits to field trips, mines, museums, exhibitions, manufacturing units, and workshops.
A unique loss-proof valuation system and also offering business/startup advisory, which also includes professional advice and placement assistance


Grading Rough Diamonds

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Unique Features of J K Diamond Institute's Course

At J K Diamond Institute, we offer a rough diamond grading course that focuses on 100% practical training, hence setting itself apart from the limited options available anywhere else . Our comprehensive curriculum ensures a secure valuation system for rough diamond trade, leaving no room for losses. It comprises carefully designed modules that focus on practical aspects of rough diamond identification, grading, and valuation. With the guidance of our expert faculty and experienced instructors, students are immersed in an educational atmosphere that fosters a more professional approach to dealing with roughdiamonds. Hence, pursuing this course holds a high probability of establishing a prosperous and fulfilling career in this sector.

Opportunities in the Thriving Rough Diamond Industry

The demand for specialized rough diamond graders is prevalent worldwide. Very few professionals have honed their skills through professional training that specifically focuses on grading rough diamonds in their natural state

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