Jewelry is one of civilization’s earliest forms of decoration, dating back at least seven thousand years to the ancient known human societies in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Over the years, there have been several forms of jewelry designs and one might wonder where the inspiration for such designs hail from. This blog post is equipped with expedient information on trending inspirations for jewelry designs. It tends to talk about the inspirational sources for jewelry designs, their enormous beautiful aspects and objects that can be copied in jewelry as an art form, trending inspirations that can be transformed into jewelry from an Indian perspective. And it will serve as an objective to aspire young jewelry artists, a source for thought provocation for executing new and trending jewelry designs.

Every Jewelry design comes with an inspiration and a source. Most designers often find their sources of inspiration through their experiences with religion, nature, art, literature, music, dreams etc. As a designer, you must understand that a source of inspiration is important in whatever you are designing, so what you see, feel and hear, greatly influences your creativity and expression.

Inspiration from Nature

A designer can get inspiration from natural resources like birds, trees, shells and all that God-gifted nature. By observing the things of nature you can come up with great unending ideas for a jewelry design. It can be in the form of a bird feather, a bright flower, the patterns on a butterfly, or the colours of the sky when the sun sets. We have recently shown some great examples on our Instagram page.

Made by Man

A jewelry designer can also get inspiration from sources made by man. These could be paintings, drawings portraying several things done with different kinds of materials. With such beautiful drawings and paintings in their separate unique combinations of colours and materials you can find something intriguing for a good jewelry design.

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Historical Sources

You can also get inspiration from historical sources. Several ancient objects and materials found in Indian museums, libraries, sculptures, historical monuments and artefacts can be great sources of inspiration for jewelry designs. With all of the beauty and uniqueness in Indian history, there are several images and crafting which when made anew can birth a whole new and authentic style. This is what creativity is all about, making a modern design from a replicated and furnished ancient designs.

Symbolic Sources

While several designers get their source of inspiration from historical artefacts, others get theirs from symbolic sources. A lot of jewelry designs are made from symbols of all sort. Symbols like the zodiac signs (Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpius which uses fish, scorpion, goat etc.). The religious symbols of the crucifix, the snake on a poll, the half-moon and star sign etc. And other symbols like emblems, occupational symbols, alphabets and numbers, cartoons, logos etc. All these are great sources in which a jewelry designer can draw inspiration from, to make a unique and beautiful jewelry design.

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A great source of inspiration can also come from exhibitions of any sort, be it in art or fashion, books, a visit to flea markets, magazines, pictures, catalogues etc. These sources can open your mind to envisage beautiful things that can be used for making jewelry designs.

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Culture and Tradition

In Indian context, jewelry designs can be made from unusual materials for contemporary designs and sometimes inspired by traditional ethnic jewelry. The inspirations used in traditional Indian jewelry designs is attributed to the widely available vast and diverse rich cultural heritage. This has enabled Indian tribes to design beautiful, unique and meaningful jewelry.

The diversity of Indian mythology, religion and culture has helped create a huge library of inspirations. One of such fine example of inspiration created from this, is the Temple jewellery category which depicts the images and symbols of Gods and Goddess. The art of transforming the various aspects related to the deities is clearly and powerfully generated in these beautiful jewelry pieces which have gained fame across the globe.

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Way of life

In India, there are several trending inspirations which can be transformed into designing of jewelry. You can get an inspiration from the way of life of the people, how they dress, how they relate and make a visual representation of it in form of a jewelry. Let’s take for instance, An Indian sari with all of its beautiful colours can be used as an inspiration to be transformed into a jewelry made using gemstones matching with the fabric of the sari.

Contrasting example to the above would be the new trend of daily or frequent wear jewelry. These are designs generally inspired by current affairs or campaigns support. Eco friendly designs, save the earth campaign thoughts, feminism, slogans are latest trends that can inspire new jewelry designs.


With the vast trend in Indian movies, inspiration is gotten from movies and are transformed into jewelry. Jewelry showcased in Bollywood Movies such as Ram Leela, Padmavat, among others turned out to be trendsetters for the season.

Inspirations can be found even through social media sensationalisations. Certain events are taken as a storm on social media. For example, during the release of the game, Pokemon Go, certain jewellers released jewelry collections depictingthe pokemon cartoons in fashion and fine jewelry.

There are several sources in which you can get inspiration to design jewellery and such inspirations are seen all around us. Young and aspiring jewelry designers need not to limit their designs to a particular source. They need to be open minded, to the things they see, hear and feel in their environment, dreams and their imaginations to create that beautiful and unique jewelry.

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