Jewelry Manufacturing Visit Organised At Hk Jewels

J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry organised a jewelry factory visit for its students in association with HK Jewels, a flagship company of Hare Krishna Exports, a renowned organisation in the diamond and jewelry industry. The visit took place at one of the manufacturing facilities of HK Jewels located at SEEPZ, Andheri, Mumbai.

Hare Krishna exports (HK) is said to have an annual turnover of over INR 6000 crores and over 5500 employees (Source). It has been famous for its employee benefit schemes. A DTC sightholder, HK is famously known for its KISNA brand. My Diamond Story is its another bridal engagement collection.

Over 50 students, currently pursuing various courses at J K Diamonds Institute, participated in the jewelry factory visit. The visit began with a detailed presentation. Initially, a pep talk was given by Mr. Parag Shah, CEO of HK Jewels, explaining how large and attractive is the gems and jewelry industry. This was followed by a detailed presentation covering the following

  • Different era of jewelry over the years, its history to the present trends;
  • Different types of jewelry such as bridal jewelry, etc;
  • Different jewelry markets in India as well as the international markets;
  • Future of the jewelry industry; and
  • Jewelry manufacturing process

Thereafter, the students were divided into 5 groups; each group was led by a representative to take a tour of the entire manufacturing facility. Every process of jewelry manufacturing was shown to all the students including explanations.

Starting with the product development department, which included both manual design and the CAD, to the final finished product, all the intermediary processes were practically seen and explained to the students. (The processes have been mentioned in the image below).

It is worth noting that several processes underwent a thorough quality check (QC) before being passed on to the next process (as shown in the above image). This is done to ensure that the product matches with the expectation and the requirement as per the order.

Since the jewelry factory is an export oriented unit of HK, they also had a separate export department for all the relevant compliances.

The students got a hands-on experience about the jewelry production process and this visit has definitely given them a knowledge booster. They appreciated the management of J K Diamonds Institute for organising this event. The HK team was very cordial and interactive in their approach towards the students.

J K Diamonds Institute has consistently made concerted efforts to give its students the necessary practical exposure that is required to succeed in the diamond, gems and jewelry industry. Time and again events such as mine visits, museum visits, exhibitions, market visits, etc. have been organised regularly to enable students to be industrially equipped. Several technical and industry related research projects are also undertaken by the Institute to be rightly called as the Knowledge partner of the Gems and Jewelry industry.