Jaipur Study Tour (Part 1) – Jaipur Jewelry Show, 2021

Hundreds of renowned jewellers, artisans, and craftsmen under one grand roof in the majestic city of Jaipur! It was our privilege to exhibit our exclusive work at the 17th JJS. Our hearts were glowing with the amount of recognition and appreciation we received from prominent individuals. Stalls displayed fine silver jewellery with beautiful Meenakari work. The event offered ultimate networking opportunities. Strong bonds and professional relationships took birth at this event. The JJS was a platform that offered opportunities to learn through conversations, examples, and experience. We witnessed the positive impact of technological revolution in the gems and jewellery industry. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an innovation in this sector left us inspired! The boundless scope and opportunities in the gems and jewellery industry was well exhibited during the three day Jaipur Jewellery Show.