J K Diamond Institute of Gems & Jewelry attends the IIJS Signature, January 2023

J K Diamonds Institute exhibited at the IIJS Signature Exhibition, India’s second largest gems and jewelry show. The exhibition was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon East, from 5th – 9th January 9th, 2023. What a great start to the year!

Here, the JK students took advantage of the opportunity provided by participating in this event as budding and women entrepreneurs. These students got a chance to exhibit their jewelry designs and products and even book orders from retailers and other visitors. Many students who visited the show had the opportunity to interact and network through the institute’s guidance, witnessing up-and-coming jewelry designs from all across India. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and be amongst so many entrepreneurs and people who have influence in the gem and jewelry industry and have had a huge impact on it as well. We were also delighted to meet and greet one of our alumni, Mr. Sachin Jhaveri, who was a student with us 25 years ago.

The IIJS platform turns out to be a great way for JK to connect with all their students and alumni from over three decades. Nostalgia kicks in for many as they recollect the days of learning and how they have now progressed to building full-fledged gems and jewelry empires.

J K Diamonds Institute has always encouraged their students to participate in such events, and were extremely delighted to see so many of their students participating at the IIJS Signature, 2023. Over the years, J K Diamonds Institute has been imparting quality gems & jewelry education with 100% practical training, and continue to leave their signature across various generations.

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Learn more about the fascinating world of gems and gemology at JK