Is a gemologist a good career in India?

A glimpse from the history books

Gemology or the study of colored stones is one of the oldest professions that dates back in time. It is an important field in the gems and jewelry industry that focuses on studying, grading, and identifying valuable gems. Especially in India, gems and jewels have been a part of the culture since the beginning of time, have evolved, and represent a vast and impactful heritage of the country.

India’s position with regards to Gemstones

India has been one of the sole providers of colored stones for over 2,000 years. The gemstone called “The Star of India,” which is 563.35 carats (112.67 g) of star sapphire, is one of the largest gems in the world. Bridal Jewelry is one of the most significant parts of Indian culture, but apart from this, these gems also have a religious impact and connection with God and Goddesses in Hinduism. Wearing certain gemstones signifies that you are divine and is believed to be a sign of protection.

What’s it like to be a Gemologist

Being a gemologist is a full-time occupation, and the industry has seen an increase in recent years. Indian gemstones and these colored stone studded jewelry  have been in huge demand. There is a significant increase in the industry and the interest of people wanting to learn and grow in it. However, it is also necessary that one possess the relevant skills, knowledge, and some practical experience before entering this colourful and lucrative industry.

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During the ever-progressive year of 1987 in the jewelry market, several people wanted a suitable place to learn and grow in this business, and several diamond and gems enthusiasts asked Mr. Kirit Ajmera for a place to learn about the gems and jewelry industry. There was none, which led him to provide practical training and thus established and became the founder of J.K. Diamonds Institute. In 1989, he was inspired by the people and their interests and began polished diamond and rough diamond grading courses according to international standards at the JK Building, Opera House, Mumbai. J. K. Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewelry has been a pioneer in gem and jewelry education for the over three decades.

Apart from diamond courses, J K Diamonds Institute also provides various 100% practical gems and jewelry industry standard courses, such as Jewelry Designing (Manual course & CAD course), Gemology etc. The gemology course at J K Diamonds Institute provides hands-on exposure to various gemstones. Along with this, students also get the exclusive opportunity to attend study tours, field trips, and factory visits, through which they can learn what is currently happening in the industry. Such a vast ocean of knowledge would be highly beneficial for any student pursuing the gemology course, as this would prove to be a great advantage for the students looking to grow professionally in the long term. You can gain practical learning experience from experts who will also assist you in growing your small business into a more powerful one. To summarize, if gemology is your passion and something you would like to pursue, J. K. Diamonds Institute can help you accomplish your goal of becoming a gemologist.

Career opportunities as a gemologist includes becoming a gem trader with lucrative margins, a jeweller, collector, venture into import and export business or work in a baloratory setup. As long as you are enterprising and passionate about these mesmerising gemstones, you will find ways to excel.

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