Interested in gemstones? Here’s how you can learn gemology!

All red-coloured stones are not rubies!

Do you have a fascination for different kinds of gemstones? Have you wondered about where they come from, what their properties are, what they are associated with? If you have a deep interest in knowing about gemstones, you can discover all about them by studying gemology. 

You might wonder, what is gemology? Gemology is a branch of geoscience and mineralogy. It is the study of gemstones where you learn about different techniques used to identify, sort, evaluate, grade, and value natural and synthetic gems. 

Now that you know what it is, the question might pop up as to how to learn gemology. All you need to do is enroll yourself in a gemology course. There are tons of gemology courses offered online and around the world but we recommend the gemology graduate course – offered at JK Diamonds Institute!

What does a gemologist do?

With the right skills and knowledge, a gemologist can easily recognize a gemstone’s variety, identity and evaluate details that are not easily visible to the naked human eye. 

Whether traditional or modern, jewellery is incomplete without the use of gemstones in it to make it sparkle and stand out. They add an additional spark of beauty to them. Coloured stones are used by jewellers all over the world and they need genuine and high-quality gems to make their jewellery. This is where a professional gemologist comes into the picture. They ensure that the gems they pick are of the highest quality. 

Who should pursue gemology courses in India?

  • A person interested in entering into trading and business of gemstones.
  • Gemstone trader.
  • Jewellery retailer.
  • Jewellery Wholesaler.
  • Jewellery Manufacturer.
  • Astrologer.
  • A person who wishes to professionally work in the gems and jewellery industry.

Why should I enroll in a gemology graduate course?

The jewellery industry is booming today, with people worldwide paying a lot of money to own the most fashionable pieces of jewellery they can find in the market. As such, working in this industry is safe in terms of future as well as financial security. 

In order to become a professional gemologist, you require formal training in it. A practical, thorough knowledge of coloured gemstones and precious stones is needed in order to enter the field of gemology and thrive in it. 

Our gemology courses aim to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of gemology, irrespective of whether you are a fresher or already in the jewellery industry. In the Gemology Graduate course we cover: practical identification, grading, sorting, and factors influencing the valuation of our prodigious collection of precious, semi-precious, organics, and rare gemstones, including the use of sophisticated gemological instruments and techniques without equipment. 

The gemology course is specially devised by a group of experts to provide a perfect blend between theoretical concepts and how to approach real-life problems in a practical manner. All in all, the course has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life if you have even the slightest interest in the art of gems. 

In case you want to learn gemology online, worry not, for we offer our course both on-campus and online as well. 

Even if you want to explore gemology as a hobby, learn about gemstones, expand your jewellery business or enhance your skills to boost your career, becoming a Gemology Graduate is worth it! With practical training, the course will provide you with an experience similar to an on-the-job learning, which helps you make decisions confidently when you launch your own business or work as a gemologist. 

Why should I choose JK Diamonds Institute to study gemology?

When you compare all institutes that offer gemology courses in India, our gemology courses in Mumbai at our institute is one of the best options in the country and internationally, as well. 

Contrary to popular belief, we believe in offering hands-on training to our gemology students and this is proven through the way our curriculum has been designed. It benefits the overall development of any individual, and trains them to become professional gemologists without compromising their passion for this art. 

Our faculty consist of enthusiastic and professional experts who train students in gemology in a way that will make them more passionate about it. We believe that gemology is an art form like any other and treat it as such. 

We also offer:

  • Practical exposure to more than 5000 carats of rough and polished gemstones.
  • 100 percent practical and market-oriented course – know how the real market functions, trade tips, tricks and terminology from industry experts.
  • State-of-the-art and fully-equipped gem lab where you can learn to carry out standard and advanced gemological tests.
  • Faculty consists of leading industry experts and experienced professionals from around the world.
  • Self-paced learning and individual attention provided to every student.
  • Industry/market visits such as field trips/ mines/ museums/ exhibitions/ manufacturing units/ workshops.
  • Enhance students’ ability to perform while buying, selling, and trading of gems.
  • Opportunities to network with people in the industry to help you make meaningful connections.
  • Business /start-up advisory as well as professional advice including placement assistance.

How are we different from other institutes?

Unlike many other institutes, our faculty members are extremely experienced with high qualifications and have their own successful establishments in the gems and jewellery industry. You’ll find it hard to find such highly qualified professionals and trainers elsewhere. 

Our G.Card technique for the Gemology Graduate Course, with highest plotting and mapping, allows students to view the smallest inclusions and defects even in small gems, thus enhancing the quality of identification. 

Apart from the above, we also believe in the following:

  • Individual attention is provided to every student – We follow a dynamic batch system that helps in tracking every student’s progress and improves learning outcomes.
  • Self paced learning – Since every student’s speed, concentration and grasping is different, our training systems help students progress as per their need and requirement, irrespective of other students’ progress.
  • Our primary focus is to enable the students to be industrially equipped. Hence, unlike other courses, we do not train using heavy weight textbooks and presentations ;instead we expose our students to a huge stock of diamonds, gems and jewellery and the latest technology.
  • In fact, even after completing courses in International Institutes, students have enrolled with us for market oriented practical training. This only proves the level of our commitment to quality training.

How to study online gemology courses in India?

We do offer in-person gemology courses in Mumbai, a city that is famous for its extravagant lifestyle. Pursuing a gemology course online or offline can give students a lot of exposure to aspiring gemologists and help kickstart their career while studying it.

Keeping COVID restrictions in mind, we believe studying gemology courses online is as valuable as studying it offline.  

Our Online Gemology course is imparted via Learnathon, an e-learning platform for diamonds, gems and jewellery education. This gemology course online  has an adept and efficient curriculum that aims to educate aspiring gemologists. 

Moreover, this is a skilled based course and as such no education qualification is compulsory. However, we would recommend 10+ Grade students to enrol for this course.

We also offer a 0 percent EMI facility for those who require financial assistance. With that, you can pay for the course in five to six monthly installments – with no extra charge. We have tied up with finance partners to offer you EMI at no additional cost. Once you fill out your application form for the course, our admission counsellor will guide you through the financial assistance process. Upon approval from the financial partner, you can successfully commence your course.

All you need to do is apply!

What are my career opportunities?

By doing our in-person gemology course or online gemology course, you can pursue a plethora of careers in the jewellery industry with this training and knowledge. 

You can become a – gemologist, gemstone buyer, gemstone appraiser, gemstone assorter, gemstone broker, jewellery buyer, jewellery manufacturer, importer/exporter, retail/showroom owner, lab owner, auction gemologist, antique jewellery dealer etc. 

Moreover, we also provide placement assistance to our students. One of the best things about the gemology course is that we encourage students to build a CV/portfolio through the course of their journey, so that when they graduate they have a strong body of work to present to potential employers as a testimonial to their skills. 

We also organise campus recruitment events where companies conduct on-the-spot interviews on campus at JK Diamonds Institute.

Has that creative, curious flame in you been ignited now? What are you waiting for then? Hurry and apply for our gemology graduate course here: (Contact us – Jewelry Designing Institute in Mumbai | JK Diamonds Institute). We begin new batches from October 2021 onwards, both online and offline. 

Learn more about the fascinating world of gems and gemology at JK