A Bright Future: Here’s how students can work on achieving their career goals amidst a pandemic

Empty halls and classrooms; it’s not just the jewelry showrooms and stores that are deserted. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a halt in the education sector, especially for students involved in the study of the jewelry industry, who rely on practical and hands-on experience to gain knowledge. Many young minds are worried that their career goals are on a standstill, but we think otherwise. We believe that you can still work towards your goals under the impact of this pandemic. Here’s how:

Plan Ahead:

One opportunity to use right now is time. This is a great opportunity to introspect and discover what you like and don’t like. Accordingly, you can break your future down to short-term and long-term goals. If it’s not possible to work on the short-term goals right now, then focus on your long-term goals. You have time now to sit and elaborate on these goals.

If opening up your own business is something that you have dreamed of, now is a good chance to strategize and work on that business plan that you couldn’t focus on before because you didn’t have enough time. Similarly, if you dream of working with renowned brands professionally, start building your professional portfolio of designs, strategies, experience etc. It is a good time to be consistently active on professional platforms like Linkedin.

Virtual Academy @ Learnathon by J K Diamonds Institute

Your education doesn’t have to necessarily rely on a physical location during such times. An important aspect of jewelry courses is the practical knowledge you receive, something that we at J K Diamonds  Institute understand completely. We work on a 100% practical course structure, but to make sure that the flow of knowledge is not stopped during such unfortunate times, we offer weekly virtual classroom sessions and guest speaker sessions to provide an expansive knowledge base to our students. This is a great way for students to brush up on their skills.

Some other important skills to pick up and study are those related to front office courses. Marketing/selling courses should be an important part of your education, as they help you in understanding the processes of promotion, advertisement, design and most importantly, Branding. The digital space is the key to the future, something that can be witnessed right now in front of us. For this very reason, we at J K Diamonds Institute, have launched our very first e-learning course associated with Learnathon on Digital Luxury Branding, which helps in equipping students with the right knowledge to create their very own aspirational brand using digital platforms.

The Internet is a great space to learn and grow, use it to your advantage during this lockdown!

The Power of Social Media:

With social media being the only way to communicate with a mass, you can use these platforms to promote yourself. Becoming active on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram is a great way to promote your work and your own self in terms of your experience and what you can bring to the table to potential employers. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be more impressive to showcase your jewelry design to a potential client or employer via your page on Instagram. Or showcase your professional career through Linkedin, including your insightful posts, articles etc. That would definitely create a great impression.

You can even network with important and relatable people. Networking is crucial in this field, as you can work with each other and create something glamourous and irresistible together.

It’s not easy to think of your future goals when the future itself is so uncertain. However, there is definitely a future out there for you, and some planning for it is a good idea when it’s finally ready for you and your potential, and the only way to completely seize it in your hands is when you are ready for it.