Here’s How You Can Educate Yourself In Jewelry From The Comfort Of Your Home

Has the pandemic put a brake in your jewelry career or education? If so, here’s how you can jumpstart your skills or pick up some new ones for the jewelry industry with a carefully curated list of online jewelry courses that can be taken whenever you want; from wherever you are.

Life seems to have taken a slowed halt ever since the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe. In the beginning, it was filled with panic and worry. A downward spiral into the online video streaming world might have taken over most of us too, and now you might be wondering, “what now?” Well, here’s your “what now!” This is the perfect opportunity to continue your education in Jewelry design and manufacturing industry and adapt to this new world order taking shape around us. Whether you’re looking for jewelry designing, or picking up some marketing skills for your jewelry retail store, here’s a list of some of the online jewelry courses that you can take up and master – simply from the comfort of your home!

1. Jewelry Designing with CAD – Rhino and Matrix

With the lockdown in place, this is the perfect time for aspiring jewelry designers to bring out their creativity and create designs in the comfort of their homes along with understanding of the jewelry making process. With J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry, in association with Learnathon, designers can enhance their skills with the Online Jewelry Designing course that offers advanced expertise in jewelry designing and manufacturing. The course provides you with tools and commands of CAD that lets you master jewelry manufacturing concepts and use it with peak precision. Live classes and course videos are designed in a manner to make sure you don’t miss out on any important notes, and allows you to take things at your own pace.

People who should opt for this course could be:

  • Aspiring Jewelry Consultants
  • Aspiring Jewelry Designers
  • Freelancers
  • Manufacturers
  • PD Executives

One of the important aspects of this course is learning how to render your jewelry designs. Rendering has gained a lot of traction during this pandemic as jewelers try to save on inventory cost and boost their digital presence. Hence they have moved to showcasing rendered designs where one creates a digital version of the jewelry (how it will actually look once manufactured) without actually manufacturing it. This is covered in the course as well.

2. Jewelry Retail Business Course

This masterclass provides you with the tools, worksheets and conceptual learning needed to thrive as a jewelry retail business in this environment and the post pandemic future. With the industry changing so quickly, not only are you left to adapt but so are your customers. With exhaustive research and highly experienced faculty, J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry, in association with Retail Gurukul and Learnathon, provides you with expert mentorship and training simply through your computer screens. This course provides you with the knowledge to build or enhance your roadmap to successful jewelry retail business, whether in gold jewelry or diamond jewelry. With this course, become an expert in customer satisfaction and branding in no time!

People who should opt for this course:

  • Jewelry Retailers
  • Starting a new jewelry retail business
  • Professionals working for a jewelry brand
  • Aspiring jewelry brand
  • Jewelry e-commerce business
  • Retail sales executive
  • Those who want to add this as part of their vast jewelry education and knowledge

3. Digital Luxury Branding

If the importance of digital marketing and branding wasn’t clear enough before, the pandemic has definitely highlighted its many advantages and uses for businesses. Jewelry businesses are no exception to this. Having a digital mark for jewellers is as crucial as having a physical space, in some cases it’s even more important.

With this course at Learnathon, you gain the expertise needed to brand and market your jewelry brand in the digital world. It guides you in understanding and mastering the many opportunities that are available online to grow your luxury brand beyond what it currently is. The modules focus on how different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook can be used to promote, specially curated for jewelry and luxury brands. The course also includes an in-depth study of Search Engine Optimization and marketing, a targeted reach for niche jewelry brands. This is complemented with real life case studies, to help you understand how to implement your learnings for your jewelry brand. Showcasing your jewelry designs and collections in the digital world, you could become the next success story about business taking the next step forward of using the digital world to their advantage!

People who should opt for this course:

  • Retailers specifically selling luxury jewelry
  • Anyone who wants to turn their business into a brand
  • Jewelers interested in learning marketing skills of the current age

4. Online Gemology (Blended learning)

Ever been enticed by the bling of precious gems? With a Diploma in Gemology offered by Learnathon, you can be part of this colorful world as a future Gemologist, Gemstone Buyer, Gemstone Trader, and much more. The current pandemic has showed the world the importance of nature. The jewelry designers have picked this sentiment and nature inspired jewelry designs has found its way back to top trends. These designs are supported by use of gemstone as an element of designing signifying the importance of natural elements in the world. Gemstones and the study of Gemology only helps in bringing these jewelry designs to life due to the variety of gems and mesmerizing colored stones.

This course provides you with the required tools to handle and understand the workings of gems – be it precious, organic, semi-organic or rare. Catering to online distance learning, the course provides you with gem identification techniques with equipment as well as visually. The online course is blended with a short campus training to give hands on practical experience to students.

People who should opt for this course:

  • Aspiring gemologists
  • People interested in buying gemstones
  • Those who assort gems
  • Gemstone Brokers
  • Jewelry Buyers
  • People who would like to own their own lab for gemstones

5. Webinars

Apart from dedicated, in-depth courses, J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry and Learnathon also provide with informative webinars with some of the most influential people in the Jewelry industry. These webinars are catered to those who are curious about the Industry and the changes that are going to unfold with the pandemic and post-pandemic. Guest speakers provide their insights into the industry and also answer questions of those attending. These webinars are true to their educational nature and are available for you to sign up with them for no cost!

It may seem like the pandemic has halted the development of skills required in the Jewelry Industry, but as is clear with institutions like JK and ed-tech platforms like Learnathon, education cannot be stopped for those who truly seek it. For many, this lockdown can be the perfect opportunity to up-skill and even pick up some new ones. It’s a chance to create and adapt your jewelry business to fit the ever-changing times and customers. Trends can be followed and even created from homes – all it takes is the initiative to make the change in your lives. For such individuals, JK Diamonds Institute, in association with Learnathon, is ready to open their chest of research, knowledge and expertise to shape the future jewelry industrialists.