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8 Fashion Jewelry Trends of 2024 To Follow

2020 has been an interesting year for change in every industry, and the jewelry industry has certainly adapted to it in its own unique fashion.

When country lockdowns were first established across the world this year, work outfits and dressing up in general was the least of anybody’s worries. Yet, it definitely had an impact on our moods. The perfect outfit and jewelry set can do wonders to your day. With the added stresses of working-from-home and adapting to the pandemic world, dressing up at home has ultimately become a fashion of its own. 

Jewelry is not only a statement of one’s identity, it is also relevant to what’s happening around us. Jewelry designers craft their items in a way that consciously talks about what people are going through during a particular time in the world. The current 2021 trends for fashion jewelry are following this conversation better than ever. 

WFH, The new norm

With work-from-home becoming the new norm for many, it is starting to demand its own sense of styling as well. Social distancing has provided a space for designers to be innovative. No more are pieces of flamboyant clothing and jewelry for the occasional wear enough. People are in search for designs that are comfortable, personal and give off a statement that tells the world that they’re not just stylish, but comfortably themselves.

Updated: April 2024

2024: A year to look forward to by the jewelry industry

Fashion in 2024 is all about individuality and bold statements, and jewelry is no exception. 

2024 is throwing out the fashion jewelry rulebook in favor of bolder statements and personalized expression. This year, it’s all about creating a look that reflects your unique style, not following rigid trends.

The new trends seen during the fashion month seem to have heard these prayers. Certain trends have continued their reign of statement-making for 2024 jewelry trends, such as chain links and pearl-studded earrings. Others have been a remarkable surprise, such as the turn to silver-wear after the long trend of golden-yellow jewelry pieces, and the standing out of high-shine metals amongst the different trends. 

For those fascinated by gemstones, rhinestone pieces are emerging with an 80’s bent style, while collectibles of mixed media creations, such as seashells, stones and coins, are picking up attention. 

With all those Zoom marathons and learnathons, it would be a good idea to throw in some bling to your sweatsuits and have a little fun. If your thoughts are the same as ours, follow our list of 5 fashion jewelry trends (in no particular order) for some much-needed inspiration!

Here are hottest trends that are taking the fashion world by storm:

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1. Layered Luxury

Gone are the days of minimalist single necklaces. This year, it’s all about layering. Think delicate chains mixed with chunky chokers, or multiple pendant necklaces with varying lengths. You can even combine different metals and textures for a truly unique look. This trend allows you to express your personality and create a customized jewelry piece.

Layered Jewelry

2. Breaking the Mold: Gender-Neutral

Jewelry is shedding its traditional labels.  We’re seeing a rise in gender-neutral pieces that can be rocked by anyone, regardless of gender identity. Think chunky chain bracelets, statement signet rings, or oversized hoop earrings. This trend is all about embracing personal style and defying expectations.

Gender-Neutral Jewlery

3. Modern Metals: Beyond Gold and Silver

While classic gold and silver will always have a place, 2024 is seeing a surge in popularity of modern metals. Black gold, achieved through blackened metals or black gemstones like onyx, adds a touch of edgy sophistication. On the other hand, for a touch of summer vibes, shell jewelry continues to be a major trend.  Look for pieces that incorporate natural shells, pearls, or even beachy motifs.

Modern Metals Jewelry

4. Silver Streak

The golden-yellow trend dominated fashion jewelry for most of the seasons of 2020, but now it’s time it takes rest in 2021. The designers have spoken – and they declare silver! 

With the versatility of silver, you’ll end up seeing it in many jewelry items – from oversized chain-links, thick cuffs and slinky necklaces. Fashion houses all over the globe are ready to prove how silver is the best choice for the next season’s fashion trends. 

Silver Jewelry
Silver Streak Jewelry

5. Bringing Back The 80’s

The fashion of the 60’s and beyond has had a notable impact on the fashion of today. The ladylike jewelry of the 80’s and 90’s is back, and designers are having their fun with it. 

Not only have timeless studs and delicate strands seem to be making a comeback, but also gorgeous piled-on pearls, embellished bracelets and button earrings that shine with uber-sophistication are seeing the light of day too.

6. Immortal Chain-Links

Chain-links seem to never go out of style, and will continue their reign on fashion jewelry trends even in 2021. 

They continue to rule with gilded necklaces, oversized links and sleek cables. The trend of silver and chain-links go extremely well together. 

Whether you’re here for the statement pieces or simply to adorn something minimalistic, chain-links and their various sizes are here to help you scream aesthetic without actually screaming.

7. Collectibles

Gemstones, seashells and coin pendants have been the go-to fashion jewelry for any vacation get-up. With the existing travel ban on certain tourist regions, people have never missed vacation time so much before. And designers definitely understand that. 

The combination of the vacation spirit with mixed-media creations is leading to some fantastic pieces of jewelry. Long-shell pendants, charm earrings, stone-adorned bracelets are some of the collectibles that are breaking into the fashion scene. 

Collectibles Jewelry

8. Rhinestone

For 2024, the much-needed, glittery bling comes in the form of rhinestones. Dripping collar necklaces, studded earrings and heavyweight chains decked up in rhinestone is nothing short of perfection in a jewelry piece. 

This is the kind of jewelry wear waiting to be experimented and paired with all kinds of jewelry trends. Be it the single-earring trend to make a luxurious statement, or the simple use of the rhinestones in the 80’s and 90’s delicate wear. 

Rhinestone jewelry

The first step to becoming a designer is to first have great taste in jewelry. If you see yourself falling head over heels for these designs, or even imagining designs of your own, take the next step and explore the courses available at the JK Diamond’s Institute of Gems and Jewelry website.  

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