Terms Conditions

Rules and Regulations





Mon to Fri 8 weeks

  2 hours


Mon to Fri 6 weeks

  2 hours


Mon to Fri 8 weeks

  2 hours


Wed & Sat 30 weeks

  3 hours


Mon to Fri 13 weeks

  2 hours


Mon to Fri 8 weeks

  2 hours

  • Classes will not be conducted on holidays declared by Diamond Merchants Association.
  • Mediums of instruction: English, Gujarati and Hindi.
  • Major technical terms are translated in English.
  • Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • No refund will be provided if applied within one week before the course is commenced, in case refund is applicable under unforeseen circumstances.
  • Access to course and other allied apps, notes, etc. will be provided only after 100% of the fees is received. If Trainee has seeked financial scheme, access will be provided only after 100% payable fees has been disbursed by such financial fund to the Institute.
  • 100% attendance is compulsory. The trainee’s start and end dates would be as per the course duration. Extra week / month charges will be applicable if trainee takes more time to finish the course. The charges for the various courses are as follows:

– Polished Diamond Graduate, Rough Diamond Graduate, Gemology Graduate Course – Rs. 25,000 /- per week

– Jewelry Designing Manual Course – Rs. 25,000 /- per month

– Jewelry Designing CAD – Rs. 6,500 /- per week

– The above extra time would be subject to availability of the batch.

  • Timings and dates once fixed cannot be altered by the trainee, but can be adjusted if possible.
  • Batch commencement dates and schedules provided during admission are tentative. The Institute would try to match the timing and schedules to the extent possible. However, these schedules and time slots are subject to change depending on batch availability and the Institute is not liable for any such changes.
  • All the diamonds or colored stones provided in the office must be returned safely to the incharge or trainer. Diamonds or colored stones given in the office must not be interchanged or exchanged with other trainees. Cost of the lost / damaged diamonds or colored stones will be collected promptly from the trainee who had lost or damaged the diamonds or colored stones.
  • Footwear is not allowed in the office.
  • Software is provided only for the duration of Training.
  • Trainee’s manners in the office should excel in discipline and courtesy. Trainee should maintain maximum silence to enable others to concentrate on their assignments.
  • Trainee should not pass any written or oral matter to anybody or any other institute given by J. K. DIAMONDS INSTITUTE. In such case trainee would be liable for the entire loss caused to J. K. DIAMONDS INSTITUTE.
  • Trainee should be punctual and should occupy only those seats that are allotted by the in charge or trainer.
  • Exam will not be conducted if Fees is pending.
  • Last two days of the course, trainee has to appear for an examination (practical and theory). Trainees who clear the examination is eligible to get the certificate. Unsuccessful trainee has to pay Rs. 4,000/- for re- examination.
  • Re-exam fees for Polished Diamond Graduate, Rough Diamond Graduate, Gemology Graduate, Jewelry Designing Manual courses is Rs. 5,000 / –
  • Re-exam fees for Jewelry Designing CAD course is Rs. 3,000 /-
  • Re-exam fees for Online Gemology course is Rs. 2,500 /-
  • Re-exam fees for Online Jewelry Designing CAD course is Rs. 2,000 /-
  • Trainees can use the library after paying deposit of Rs 2,000/- and once the book is issued, the book should be returned within one week.
A 81+
B 71 – 80
C 56 – 70
D 55 and below – fail
  • Only those Trainees who clear the exams will be eligible for certificate.
  • Certificate will be issued only if No Dues are pending.
  • Certificate will be issued only on clearing the exam successfully. If the trainee has misplaced the certificate Institute will re-issue the certificate at an additional cost of Rs. 3,000/-. Duplicate will be marked on such certificate.  
  • Design created by Trainees during training session is a property of the Institute.
  • Trainees will be provided only placement assistance and they will have to obtain the jobs with their own efforts.
  • Photos, names and company name and logo & portfolio of the Trainees can be used for any purposes of the institute.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change by the institute.
  • All matters, disputes or references shall be Subject to the Jurisdiction of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • I have fully understood the rules and regulations which I hereby abide by the course joined.