How to increase footfalls in your jewelry retail store?

What should jewelry retailers do to increase footfalls?

Owning and managing your own jewelry brand is the most enjoyable, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The reality of owning a jewelry store is that you must manage the business side of things too. Your brand’s presence across all channels, including digital media, is essential today. However, all those efforts should lead to an eventual increase in footfalls to your retail jewelry store.

Here are some tips and examples to help your business plan run smoothly.

  1. Target Audience: Finding your target audience is crucial and one of the things you need to consider as a priority. Having segment-wise options for the market and customers creates a brand image that lets the target audience know that you are here and have something unique to offer them. This means a man in his 20’s earning 50k would have a different budget and preference than a woman in her 40’s earning 80k. Hence, figuring out the target audience and accordingly having a jewelry section for that particular segment would only prove to be a win-win strategy for the business. Hence, a business needs to create different buyer personas whose characteristics match those of their actual customers.

  2. Best Offers & Deals: Offering attractive and eye-catching offers for your target customers is one of the simplest tactics used by numerous businesses. Introduce it to your collection, create a limited-period discount offer, and make sure your target audience is aware of it. Assume a new store offers discounts to the first 12 customers, or imagine launching a new jewelry collection and offering an incredible deal of exchanging old jewelry pieces for a discount on the new one.

  3. Professional Sales Team: Have a professional sales team that portrays selling as an art form. It is far more tactical than just asking customers what they want and showing it to them. So, training your sales team is essential for your brand. It will benefit you in the long run. Let your sales team understand your customer better, build relationships with them, gauge the occasion for which they are buying the jewelry, and personalize the experience with them. This will help to build a loyal customer base and encourage customers to return to you and refer your brand to others.

  4. Improved online presence: Increase the social media awareness of your brand by taking it online and promoting it. You can also consider running paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, etc. to promote & increase business growth. The ad should not be a common one for all creatives. The social media campaigns should be targeted based on your buyer personas or target markets. Different ads and designs should be showcased based on various target markets to personalize the experience. This would increase customer engagement with your jewelry designs and encourage customers to visit your store. Participating in social media trends and getting engagement through influencer marketing is also another great way to get your brand’s name recognized.

  5. Build a Brand: Move your focus to building a brand, as that is one of your most important assets as a retail jewelry owner. Today, customers are more brand-aware and brand-conscious than before. You need to build brand loyalty and trust, and your customers will become your brand ambassadors. Your jewelry brand identity has to be implemented in your logo, ad campaigns, and websites. Gradually, you will see the trust and loyalty of your customers increasing through incoming traffic from digital marketing activities like social media marketing, SEO, paid campaigns, content writing, and email marketing. All these aspects can help build a trusted brand.

  6. Personalize communication: Communication is key, and being able to do so in their language has its advantages. Being able to convey that your brand understands their requirements and has the unique and ideal jewelry piece that meets their liking, preference, and budget would only work wonders. Having brand ambassadors from local or regional locations can bring in new customers, and hiring staff members who are bilingual can be a huge help in getting personalized reviews and building better rapport with the end customers.

  7. Accept feedback: Listen to your customers and pay attention to what they are saying. What are their preferences? Do they not like your designs? How can you improve? Do they have any online shopping queries? Did they have trouble finding your store? Listening to your customers will provide you with insights into how to improve and become more successful. Making constant improvements based on feedback will only help you scale your jewelry business. Customer feedback is important in any business to know how to improve and take it to the next level. One incredible tip would be to take customer feedback directly. Having an online survey and an in-store survey can be helpful, too. Ask them questions that help your store become better, for example: – How did they like the new jewelry collection, the salesperson’s service quality, the jewelry designs, and other various aspects etc. Now you can find the relevant data and focus on the strategy and the overall improvements to be made to your brand.

If you diligently try to execute each of the above ideas, don’t you think you will not only increase your footfalls but also generate more sales and brand value for your jewelry store in the long run?

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