Practical Workshop Evolution of Jewelry and Enameling

J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry organized an informative workshop with Mrs. Neha Sharma on Evolution of Jewelry and Enamelling in Jewelry.

The discussion at the workshop covered details of old and ancient jewelry along with the understanding of jewelry’s evolution through a different era. Rich design phases such as Renaissance, Medieval, Victorian, Art Deco, Retro, Contemporary, Indian and American designs, and software and 3D printing was discussed and shown to the students.

Developing inspiration from surroundings was also one of the aspects delved by the students.

Not just designing but even manufacturing aspects were discussed at the workshop, including materials apart from the traditional metals and gems. Examples of such materials such as enamel, fiber, MOP, wood, etc were shown to the students. A detailed talk about enameling and its composition and techniques was also held for the students explaining the process from metal washing to firing for achieving color.

A great learning experience for the jewelry designing students.

Neha Sharma Punjabi –
Having pursued Jewellery Design, CAD, MATRIX and Basic Enameling, I had a broad spectrum of knowledge that I wanted to widen further by going into reading and researching more about Jewellery and its Origin, the Evolution in Design since time immemorial and the Glorious Phases of Design. When JK Diamonds approached me for the Guest lecture, I had a wonderful time summing up my knowledge in Presentations, Videos, and Slides with samples of Carved Gemstones and High Fashion Enamel pieces manufactured by me during my stint at IIJW to direct students to an open mind when it comes to an Art like Jewellery Design. I am in gratitude to Jk Diamonds for hosting my lecture and allowing me to interact with their young already brilliant and curious designers, I had an interactive and interesting lecture owing to the interest that the students showed. I wish luck to the institute and I can see the upward direction in which it is going as a Design School with a wide Umbrella of Art!

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