KGK Factory Visit

The students of J K Diamonds Institute visited the Entice jewelry factory (@enticebyKGK), a flagship brand by KGK group (KGKgroup). The KGK group headquartered in Hong Kong, has presence across Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Australia across the supply chain from mines to retail. The students were given practical exposure to the entire manufacturing facility from jewelry product development (Manual plus CAD) to 3D printing to casting and finishing including various levels of Quality checks. An incredible experience of understanding jewelry intricacies. The students visited the Entice factory by KGK in two batches. Here’s a glimpse of both the batch of students gaining knowledge, asking questions and widening their experience. Grateful to the KGK team for all the efforts of hosting JK students.

"Dive into Diamonds: J.K. Diamonds Institute's Exclusive KGK Factory Tour!"