Harsh Metals Factory visit

Another factory visit went splendidly well, where we got to learn and get inspired by an amazing and very knowledgeable host, Mr. Vijay Gopani of Harsh Precious Metals. He has been in the gems and jewelry industry for decades and welcomed us to this visit. Students of J K Diamonds Institute witnessed various jewelry pieces and learned about several metal pieces that get extracted, as well as so much more, from hooks and clamps to how the metal is extracted and mixed with the jewelry.

It was quite an interactive session, as our host from the Harsh Metals factory explained in brief how metals are mixed into jewelry. Insights and information on how India and other countries view and make their own unique jewelry designs and jewelry pieces with gems were also shared. It was quite thrilling to partake with such a profound and apt group who are so willing to learn and be motivated to start their own business and/or continue to make a significant mark in this industry.

The students were happy to see that as the session was progressing, they also got a bunch of snacks, thanks to the host. All the students enjoyed this factory visit because what could be better than having snacks while also learning about the gems and jewelry industry!

Learn all about the gems and jewelry industry with us at J K Diamonds Institute.

"Unveil Excellence: J.K. Diamonds Institute's Harsh Metals Factory Tour Experience!"