Debate competition At JK Diamonds

On February 18th, JK Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewelry hosted a debate competition for Manual Designing Students at the JK Diamonds campus. The two student teams each had six members, including a leader, and were moderated by the Designing Faculty.

The competition was designed with careful attention to detail following a structured group discussion that was divided into timed segments for preparation, presentation, debate, and conclusion. Each round lasting up to 15-20 mins. The competition helped students outgrow their comfort zone and taught them the 3C’s (Clarity, Contribution and Concerns) of team work and the art of debate.

An intellectual tug-of-war was held between the two groups with interchanging dynamics between the members such as a facilitator, resource investigator, and an evaluator. The debates had varied topics covering the trends and tribulations of the design field from traditional to modern influence, gold content disparities, nature of diamonds as well as personified customization of jewelry products.

The Faculty served as a strong anchor navigating diverse conversations and commended Team B for their research skills and Team A for their synergy. Nevertheless, the intense competition promised stimulating view points from both teams and concluded with Team A in lead, resulting in an afternoon of deeper understanding and learning. Students felt engaged through out and enjoyed the day wanting for more such activitiesin the future.

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