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Ans. The course starts as soon as you enrol, and you will have access to the course for an entire year. So, it’s you who decides when to start and when to finish. However, we recommend you to finish the course within a month and strive to complete all worksheets and work upon the templates simultaneously. This will help you get the best results for your brand.
Ans. The primary USP of Learnathon is that it was founded to serve the luxury industry only. You are not selling a typical product where all generic digital marketing may work. We understand that you are selling premium experience along with premium quality products. Hence, Your brand strategy must be different and unique to your products. Learnathon understands the luxury proposition. The Team has credible experience of training and consulting in the gems and jewelry industry for 30+ years and has helped hundreds of such luxury brands jumpstart their businesses. Our courses are designed only for luxury industry, as well as all the resources, cheat sheets and templates that we have built for you.

Ans. Of course, you can probably Google all of this and sort of find what you’re looking for. But how will you know whether you have the right information. It’s going to take you months or may be years of trial and error – and even with hard-work and dedication, there is no guarantee that you will ever stumble upon a winning formula..
Learnathon has collected everything you need to know about building a successful and independent Luxury brand in this single course. Plus, we have tied up with expert digital marketers to bring you the best of their experiences.
With Digital Luxury Branding course, you can leverage our experience and expertise to completely bypass the learning curve.

Yes. This course is relevant to all marketing professionals and businesses in the luxury industry. You can contact us on success@learnathonworld.com for bulk enrolment of your team.

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