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All About Manual - Jewelry Design Graduate @ JK

Become A Cad Jewelry Designer

Do you have to launch your own jewelry design studio? Or sell your own designed jewelry? Then our jewelry designing course in Mumbai as well as online on Learnathon is the place to be. The Gems and Jewellery designing are one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and 2nd highest Forex earner for India. People today are conscious of what they wear and how they look. It has led to an increase in demand for creative jewellery designers globally for luxury and the fashion world, who can create stunning pieces of jewellery for different occasions and moods.

The Jewelry Design Graduate course includes basic and advanced stages of manual jewellery design. Covering both India and International markets, this course allows students to explore their creativity and augment their knowledge in the most innovative and resourceful manner. This manual design jewellery course in Mumbai is aimed at individuals looking to improve their knowledge and hone their skills to learn how to design and create stunning jewellery pieces. On the completion of the course, you will be able to gain knowledge of every small detail of the jewellery designing process. As such, the demand for people with expertise in jewellery making and designing is increasing as years progress.

Hence, these courses have become the fence that separates amateur designers and trained professionals. If you are someone with a creative mind, the right imagination, and an understanding of the trends, then a manual jewellery design course would be perfect for you. This course will allow you to learn the basics and advanced stages of jewellery designing and all the other skills needed to be successful in it.

A manual jewellery designing course can help students become versatile and adopt different professional settings in the future. The course we offer can also equip you with the knowledge to become an independent jewellery designer or an entrepreneur. Our course emphasizes creative thinking and pushing past the boundaries of what we think is normal and feasible. Moreover, the creative freedom that we promote allows students to think out of the box and come up with unique illustrations and intricacies that seem impossible to reproduce.

All of these qualities add a certain amount of gravitas to one’s personality, which is as important as being an expert in the field. At JK Diamond Institute, we believe in a perfect blend of practical and illustrative education that prepares students to apply their skills in real-life situations and problems. Our courses unlock the creative potential of an individual and provide them with the resources and capabilities to use that creativity in the most economically feasible way possible. As a result, aspirants not only become adept jewellery designers but also work on their holistic development.

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Why JK?

Salient features of our Manual Jewelry Designing Courses

At JK Diamonds Institute, the emphasis is always on 100 % practical training and exploring creativity and understanding aesthetics. Along with creativity, the focus is on teaching aspiring students the technicalities of jewelry designing. Such training enables them to think from a professional jewelry designer’s perspective.

The competition is high and the market is flooded. But we commit to nurture our students in a way that separates them from the flock of amateur designers. JK Diamonds Institute is not just known for its professional designing courses but also its expertise in gems and jewellery.

Hands-on training in fabricating, crafting, and rendering jewelry designs.
Customized study course designed in alignment with the needs of the modern jewelry design industry
100% practical approach to gain knowledge about how the real market functions, including estimation, budgeting, and more
Experienced teaching faculty with extensive industry expertise providing constant professional guidance and feedback.
Self-paced learning with individual attention, fostering the refinement of each student’s creativity and offering business/startup advisory along with professional advice, including placement assistance.
Timely visits organized for Industry/ Market visits / field trips/ mines/ museums/ exhibitions/ manufacturing units/ workshops


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