Why should retailers collaborate with social influencers?

Luxury brands and social influencers are not strange to one another. Premium brands partner up with influencers to create buzz for the launch of new collection and launches. It also helps to create brand awareness on different social media platforms which occupies a major portion of the current population’s mindset.

The influencers occupy a core part when it comes to marketing products. However, when it is the luxury brands that we are talking about social influencers are the key strategy of the marketing strategy.

Is the identity of your brand based on impeccable service, aura of prestige, and exclusivity? Then, how are you planning to maintain the quality in this era where social networking rules? There are several luxury brands that express their common fear, i.e. what will happen if this cheapens their prestige. The luxury industry never focused on generating a social buzz a few years back. A majority of the brands didn’t even have any existence on social media. The collective opinion of executives was that social media isn’t compatible enough for such luxury brands. It might sound surprising to us now but luxury brands were created through exclusivity in sales and scarcity. They also believed to maintain a distance between the customer and the brand.

How does social media break down every barrier?

Social media focuses on reaching out to the biggest audience possible. It embraces diversity, connects with the audience, gives an individual a voice. Social media creates the opportunity to connect with the target audience, interact with them and share the experiences of using a brand across the globe without any cost. As a matter of fact, the digital generation of today expects the brands to instantly respond to queries. Social media gives the luxury brands a huge opportunity to learn all about the customers and everything they need to know to grow and expand their business.

Studies show 98% of the new customers who plan to spend their money on luxury products make the most of digital platforms to know more about the brand and communicate with it.

What should you consider when choosing the right influencers?

Social conversations and online content have a massive impact on what people wish to buy. These are the tips you should keep in mind when you are looking for the right influencer for your luxury brand.

Find the right social influencers: There are obvious advantages to influencers. However, it will be a wasted investment if you don’t work with the right social influencers. You need to look for these things when it comes to identifying your brand.

Relevance – Is the content of a blogger aligned to the message of your brand? You have to go through all the posts to get a sense of understanding what kind of audience the blogger attracts.

Engagement –  Is the audience interactive to the posts of the blogger? Are the readers of the post responding, sharing, and commenting on it?

Reach – It is one of the most important things to consider. Luxury brands must try to refrain from the urge to reach out to unique visitors. Followers and traffic will only be meaningful if the influencer is reaching out to the target audience of the brand.

Why luxury brands are reaching out to social influencers?

These are some of the reasons to satisfy your queries as to why luxury brands should embrace the growing trends.

Luxury becomes accessible on social media –

Without a shadow of doubt, one can say social media has made social media more appealing and accessible to the everyday consumers. A shopper doesn’t need to be physically present in a store to browse through. They can interact and communicate with high end brands at a personal and whole new level.

Authenticity –

The micro or mid – tier influencers hold the maximum appeal to luxury brands. These influencers are hard bent on creating an active as well as engaged community of followers for those who value their judgements and voice on products and luxury brands.

Social influencers are an easy enough marketing concept to grasp. They act as a sponsorship where you subtly talk about your product and the brand to the target audience. Embrace the beauty of social influencers to see your luxury brand bloom.

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