Why is E-learning the future in India?

Why is E-learning the future in India?

E-Learning Is Here to Stay: Why Distance Learning Is the Future of Education in India

The Indian education landscape is witnessing a great shift. With the rise in technological advancements, the EduTech industry is revolutionizing the way we learn, and with the looks of it, it seems like online and blended learning (e-learning + on campus) will be the face of education in the coming future.E-learning platforms have managed to scale the entire globe, and have been on a steady growth alongside technology. India is no stranger to technological advancements, and is coming to be recognized as another Silicon Valley around the world. With the opportunities that distance learning presents, it’s no surprise that many in the country are opting for such platforms to learn and grow from.

Favorability and Growth of Higher Education with Distance Learning

The Internet is becoming a part of not just the urban, but the rural as well, opening windows of opportunities never witnessed by the population before. It’s now possible for people belonging to various financial backgrounds to pursue a skill based education, irrespective of their qualifications that will open doors of betterment for them, which was difficult to achieve before.

According to the KPMG statistical report on India’s education sector, there’s a growth in the number of universities, colleges and vocational institutions providing their courses to students through distance learning, which in turn is improving the likelihood of people opting for online education. This is happening due to so many options being available to choose from without having to spend too much money. There are even distance learning organizations such as Learnathon™ that only exist as a space on the Internet. Learnathon™ provides online upskilling courses such as jewelry designing, digital branding among others for all kinds of undergraduate and post-graduate students. Platforms like Learnathon™ have built interactive features and social learning communities that help bring practical experience to e-learning in the gems and jewelry industry.

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Can India Keep Up With Global E-Learning Trends?

With the way things are going, the future of E-learning in India definitely looks promising. The amount of users accessing the Internet in India every year is at an exponential rise, especially with the penetration of the Internet into the rural populace.

According to the same KPMG report mentioned before, it is predicted that by 2021, the online education industry will witness a growth of 6X. It’s possible that the number of users using distance learning for education will touch 9.6 million, when just in 2016, this number was at 1.6 million. The revenue association with a number like that could translate to not just millions, but billions of US Dollars for the country, making the EdTech industry a very much sought after industry to grow and improve.

Apart from its ability to generate vast amounts of income for the country, another reason why distance education is here to stay in India is because of its accessibility. The KPMG report also highlighted how our dependability to the Internet will only deepen with the years, and the portability technology to access this Internet will continue to grow. With the way e-learning platforms are adapting, it is not surprising to see people receiving their degrees or diploma certificates on their smartphones. After all, distance learning programs are more personalized to individual learners, thus more favorable. Another reason why this global trend will flourish in India is because the population has already begun seeking distance education courses from established institutes and platforms to upskill themselves and receive prestigious online certifications. In the last 2 years, it is estimated that online searches for educational purposes jumped 2x times in demand, while it grew 3x times in searches through mobile devices.

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It is not surprising to see E-learning flourish the way it has, and will continue to do so in the near-future. What will be surprising are the endless, quality opportunities and possibilities that E-learning will bring about in terms of employment generation and upskilling, contribution to literacy rates all over the globe and even the introduction of exciting new subjects of the 21st Century.