What Career paths can trained gemologists take?

A Gemologist is an on demand profile due to increase in demand of jewellery having precious, semi-precious and rare coloured stones or gems. Additionally, these gems are also used as decor, accessories, among its other uses. Before entering this vibrant world of gems and jewellery, it is crucial to have the necessary knowledge, abilities and practical experience.

When it comes to the career of gemology, a gemologist can either work as a professional or start their own business.

Career prospects –

The professional career pathway involves working in a company or a lab –
where they identify, grade the quality, and explore origins of the gems.

Jewelry merchandiser
As a jewelry merchandiser, you can fulfil sourcing gems as per customer requirements acting as a channel to meet the demand in the market. To place these orders, merchandisers must choose the most suitable suppliers and identify the best quality of gemstones for their customer.

Purchase manager
As a Purchase manager, the gemmologist would be in charge of making the best possible purchases of jewels. They must research the market adequately to identify the correct price point based on the availability of the materials.

Jewelry consultant
A jewelry consultant assists clients in selecting the best jewelry for them in accordance to their preferences, in some cases, astrological properties that include the purpose of healing, securing fortune, etc.

Prospects as an entrepreneur

India is a gem export centre being one of the first countries in the world to make fine jewelry using gemstones, producing the best the world has seen. Gemologists, who are importers and exporters, buy precious stones from mines or auction houses to sell in markets which contributes to the high foreign exchange earnings. There is a high scope due to its unorganized nature making up to 80 percent of the market.

Jewelry manufacturer
A gemologist can start her own gemstone studded jewelry business creating their own innovative designs with the use of mesmerising coloured stones and precious metals.

Gem Trader
Gem traders buy and sell gems in trade markets like Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, etc. and set up channels for selling gems and jewels all over the nation. This is usually in the wholesale business in the supply chain.

E-commerce business
Creation of an online store or selling through your website is now simpler and a more common practise to sell gems and jewellery. A gemologist is not bound to one place; they can sell their coloured stones and jewellery to people all over the world.

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