November Birthstone – Citrine

For those of you who are born in the month of November- Citrine is the modern birthstone for the month! For thousands of years, this yellow quartz stone has been around. It gained popularity and was favored among classic Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Even to this day, Citrine is a popular choice among celebrities and well-known personalities. 

What is Citrine?

The citrine stone is the yellow to reddish-orange individual from the glasslike quartz family. Quartz is a hard, translucent mineral composed of oxygen and silicon particles. These atoms are totally connected together in a specific pattern.

After feldspar, quartz is the second most bountiful mineral that exists in the world’s mainland outside. It shows in various diverse shading ranges, yet the ones hued like citrus organic products are the ones that fall into the ‘citrine’ classification. 

Lately, as earth tones turned out to be more well known in design, so did citrine precious stones. The word ‘citrine’ signifies ‘lemon’ in a few unique dialects, and it impeccably suits this citrus-colored gem.

Citrine is found …

Naturally shaped citrine has been tracked down everywhere, in spite of the fact that it’s very uncommon these days. Normal citrine precious stones have been found in destinations like the Ural Mountains of Russia, Kazakhstan and Madagascar, to give some examples. 

While the vast majority of the business of citrine that we see today is a consequence of lab treated quartz and amethyst, these stones are mined in Brazil and Uruguay. The geodes found there take into account enormous bits of gem to be separated, which brings about a more critical yield of lab-treated citrine for manufacturing.

Citrine is good for …

Well, the aesthetic purposes of this November Birthstone aren’t any secret. They are an excellent addition to pieces of jewellery. Citrine makes for an amazing option for adornments, as it adds a lovely fly of shading and its rich earth tones supplement most outfits. 

Other than tasteful designs, it’s accepted that citrine contains a sun powered nature of energy, as its tones are like that of the sun. This makes it a decent gem with a lot of healing properties for both emotional and physical ailments. Throughout history, citrine stones have been referred to as ‘the merchant’s stone’ as many accept that they can draw in cash. In feng shui, citrine is a stone that achieves great abundance and fortune.

Citrine Symbolism …

Because of their warm shadings, citrine stones summon pictures of warmth, sun and enlightenment. Thus, the stones have been symbols of sentiment, inspiration and bliss for many years. 

All the more as of late, and maybe in huge part due to the origin of its name, the citrus-colored gemstone has turned into an image of vitality, newness, fresh starts, mental stability and emotional prosperity.

Citrine’s healing properties …

Citrine is said to have many recuperating properties. 

From an enthusiastic perspective, the stone is said to assist its carrier with reinforcing their confidence. It’s likewise imagined that citrine stones can achieve a more certain and dynamic progression of energy in and around the body. 

From an actual perspective, citrine’s recuperating properties incorporate further developing processing and reinforcing perseverance. In antiquated occasions, healers utilized these stones to cleanse the assemblage of poisons, work on the flow of blood and fortify the resistant framework. Basically, you can consider citrine a characteristic underground aquifer in jewel structure! The stone was likewise utilized as a method for warding off sickness and preparing for venomous snakes.

Citrine’s association with chakras …

In general, it’s accepted that citrine assists with purging chakras and open up the windows of instinct, making a more noteworthy feeling of readiness and an otherworldly association with one’s self. This is thought to make you smarter and more attentive. 

All the more explicitly, citrine precious stones are related with the sacral chakra. This chakra is indispensable for inventiveness and indication. An alert sacral chakra is essential to stir one’s capacities and inventive creative mind. Many accept that the stone’s energy streams into the carrier’s body straightforwardly from the sacral chakra, and afterward spreads into the sun powered plexus, improving one’s self discipline. 

Citrine precious stones push us to plan ahead and envision everything that can possibly be, rather than being caught in the past checking out all that has been.


  • Mineral: Quartz
  • Chemical composition: SiO2
  • Color: Yellow to orange to orangy red
  • Refractive index: 1.544 to 1.553
  • Specific gravity: 2.66 (+0.03/-0.02)
  • Mohs hardness: 7


The cost of citrine differs per carat, similarly as with some other gemstone. Citrine’s worth is additionally dictated by various components, including whether it is natural, or heat treated. The overall ballpark per carat is inside a scope of US $10 to $30. 

Citrine gemstones cut to boost their brilliance and color get a more exorbitant cost, similar to the stones liberated from any flaws or incorporations. Brazilian citrine will in general have a higher worth as these stones have dark red-orange shades, which are profoundly pursued.

Citrine is expensive because …

While commercial citrine is somewhat reasonable, the gemstone is probably heat-treated amethyst or quartz. Notwithstanding, the worth of citrine can increase altogether in case it’s natural citrine. This is on the grounds that it’s staggeringly uncommon to find natural citrine, let alone natural citrine stones that are sufficiently large to be cut and weighed.

Citrine can be worn by …

Anybody can wear citrine, however it’s especially suggested for those feeling tense in their physical and emotional bodies. The stone assists its wearer with realigning and showing the best form of themself.

Citrine is a wonderful yellow stone with lovely warm, earthy undertones that sets well with practically any gems and jewelry design. It likewise fills in as a fantastic fix to help unblock chakras, support one’s emotional framework and assist them with reaching out to their creative sides.

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