JK goes to Jaipur – An insightful study tour

Great personalities from the gems & jewelry industry and budding minds from all over the country were invited to the beautiful city of renowned jewelry designs and prestigious cultural heritage- Jaipur. Without a second thought, JK Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry embraced the opportunity to take our students for a revolutionary experience. A Jaipur study tour was arranged to accommodate 23 talented students along with a mentor. At the 17th Jaipur Jewellery Show, we set up a personal JK Diamonds booth to showcase the talent of our students. We knew we were in for a great experience but the real thrill of stepping into the wonderful city was way beyond what we imagined. 

The moment we arrived in Jaipur, we witnessed the uniform ‘pink’ terracotta colored walls and in that moment we stood in awe of the ‘Pink City’. The color represents hospitality and indeed, the city made us feel welcomed! The vibrant city of Jaipur was well-planned and built almost 250 years ago. We were excited for our stay in the homely city. Among the attractions of this place, we had a fun-filled and knowledgeable experience. Hold on and keep reading to journey through our Jaipur study tour… 

‘Twas an honor to be a part of the prestigious 17th Jaipur Jewellery Show, 2021. Jaipur is full of bazaars and chowks where skilled artisans, artists, and great craftsmen reside. It’s renowned for art, culture, and jewellery- especially- the colored gemstones, gold or silver Jewellery, kundan-meena and many other products which continues to place the city on the world map of the Jewellery industry. The JJS brought all these art forms under one roof. It hosted over 800 booths for participants from all over the country. Can you imagine the grandeur of this place when skilled artisans, expert sellers, keen buyers and excellent spectators come together?

JJS Exhibition

Our students got an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents on a renowned platform. Moreover, they came across well-known artisans, entrepreneurs and others from the gems & jewellery industry. It opened up great possibilities for networking with the best in the industry. To be acknowledged and appreciated by the other players was super encouraging and inspiring. Hundreds of renowned jewellers, artisans, and craftsmen under one grand roof! Our hearts were glowing with the amount of recognition and appreciation students received from prominent individuals. 

Stalls displayed fine silver and gold jewellery with beautiful Meenakari work, time pieces of bridal jewellery and so much more. The event offered ultimate networking opportunities. Strong bonds and professional relationships took birth at this event. The JJS was a platform that offered opportunities to learn through conversations, examples, and experience. We witnessed the positive impact of technological revolution in the gems and jewellery industry. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an innovation in this sector left us inspired! The boundless scope and opportunities in the gems and jewellery industry was well exhibited during the three day Jaipur Jewellery Show.

We had a chance to attend the JJS-IJ Awards which was judged by renowned celebs and jewellers. The talent and skills showcased was breathtaking and worth encouraging. 

RMC Factory

The RMC Factory is well-known for its collection of semi-precious stones mainly Topaz, Tanzanite, Ametrine, etc. Students visited the RMC factory managed under Mr. Nirmal Bardiya. RMC is one of the largest producers of coloured gemstones in India. The premier global brand produces and exports premium quality gemstones to countries all across the globe.  These semi-precious gems are used in trendy light-weight jewellery that are largely demanded in the conventional markets. 

Gem carving

Gem carving has been a major luxury art form since ancient times. The artists are skilled ‘gem cutters’ who are experts in engraving on small and usually semi-precious stones. We visited a gem carving expert at Jaipur to witness the fine art. The detailed and intricate work on a tiny gemstone got us awestruck! We came back feeling super inspired and motivated to try new things. Different tools are used to create these innovative and distinct pieces. 

Kundan Meenakari Factory Visit

The jewellery of the Elite- Kundan Meenakari is a royal blend of an art form and a jewellery style. As team JK, we attended a resourceful workshop at one of the most reputed jewellery firms in Jaipur called the Bhuramal Rajmal Surana. Surana Jewellers is a connoisseur of traditional kundan Meena Jewellery that has been fascinating for the sheer amount of craftsmanship. We saw and learnt the different stages of making the Kundan Meenakari jewellery which is extremely famous among royal families and brides.

Amrapali Factory

The renowned Amrapali Factory was one of the best and most inspiring places. It is owned by Mr. Rajesh Ajmera and Mr. Rajiv Arora. We got a chance to witness the entire process of making jewellery from scratch. Every stage from pre-production to the entire production process. Amrapali is a well-known jewellery producer for famous Bollywood movies.

Rough to Polished stones- factory visit

We got an opportunity to visit a structured and well-organised factory ‘Vaibhav Global’ owned by Mr. Sunil Agarwal. Here, they took us through the entire process of transforming a rough stone into a desirable polished stone. The way different teams coordinated at various levels in the organisation was mind blowing. The best part of visiting the factory was witnessing the magic at the Karigars cabin- a small cubicle where extremely talented craftsmen manually create beautiful pieces.

Johari Bazaar

How could we miss out on visiting one of the most famous markets in Jaipur? The Johari Bazaar is the home to exquisite Jaipur jewelry and its intricate craftsmanship. Apart from jewellery it is well-known for good quality fabric and traditional outfits. The walk in the market was not just exciting, it was inspirational for our students. We did not miss out on the chance to shop from the famous Johari market. Many students purchased gemstones and used them to produce attractive jewellery. 

Gem cutting and polishing

The beauty of a rough stone is enhanced by the skillful cutting and polishing of the stone. At the MJ Gems, the proprietors Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Zain took us through the entire process of gem cutting, making facets, and polishing it to look desirable. Moreover, we got a chance to go through Mr. Zain’s collection of gemstones. Couldn’t get our eyes off the precious collection. For the number of Alexandrites he owns, Mr. Zain is popularly known as ‘Alexandrite king’ in the market. 

JK Alumni meet at Jaipur

And last but not the least, JK Alumni reunited at Jaipur! Going all the way to Jaipur and not meeting our beloved Alumni? That was impossible! We spent precious time catching up on the good old days and taking a walk down the memory lane. Amidst heartwarming conversations, successful alumni of JK shared their journey post graduation. They inspired the upcoming batch of jewellers and entrepreneurs. Through their mistakes, the present batch of students learnt valuable lessons. The meet up ended with laughter, hugs,dinner and a delicious bowl of sweet corn soup at the Royal Orchid Central.

The students of JK are back with great experiences, memories and stories to share! We’re certain that the bundle of knowledge brought back home from the study tour will last in our memories for a lifetime! 

To many more such insightful trips!