How long does it take to learn CAD in jewelry design?

CAD Jewelry design software

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) jewelry design software aids in increasing speed and efficiency. It is used to create prototypes of new jewelry designs. It also aids in the creation of a mould for casting or a template for machining. It broadens your horizons, allowing you to be more creative and innovative in your jewelry designs. This course teaches you how to apply your creative thinking to your work and produce beautiful results. If you are a natural designer, CAD jewelry design will be your ticket to success.

Using CAD jewelry software, you can create 2D or 3D models with texture, colours, depth, and so on. Because computer skills are in high demand these days, this technology is rapidly gaining traction in the jewelry industry. The CAD jewelry design course will assist you in finding new clients and obtaining their approval on your designs. It will help you grow in the industry by enhancing and showcasing your creative side.

Fun filled JK learning experience

JK Diamonds Institute provides a popular CAD jewelry designing course. It entails learning how to design, creating illustration forms and shapes, shading, and a variety of other skills. You will also learn about various gemstones and metals, their properties, various jewelry designs, and if any historical facts exist, which will help you improve your design even further. The classes teach you how to design jewelry, which allows you to express yourself and create unique pieces. JK Diamonds provide expert trainers and faculty for it’s students, as well as excellent study material and course material to help students broaden their creative sides and create outstanding jewelry CAD design blueprints.

JK Diamonds Institute is based out of Mumbai and is India’s top jewelry design school. We offer a regular three-month course in CAD jewelry design, as well as a 1.5-month accelerated batch for those who want to complete their course on fast track.. Our program is divided into 14 modules. Each module will assist you in learning and practising your skills. The program includes a number of projects on CAD jewelry design. Some are group projects that will allow you to put your teamwork and leadership skills to the test. There are also solo projects that allow you complete creative control. We provide you with the best faculty and materials available.

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