J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry organized a Thailand Study Tour for Gemology students in May 2024!

In a landmark initiative to blend academic learning with practical industry exposure, J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry organized an enriching study tour for its gemology students to Thailand in May 2024. This tour provided the students with invaluable hands-on experience and also allowed them to build meaningful connections in the international gems and jewelry market.

Day 1: Arrival and Industry Insights

The journey commenced on May 22, 2024, with the students arriving at Bangkok Airport, filled with excitement and anticipation. The first stop was the renowned KGK Jewelry Manufacturing Factory. J K Diamonds Institute students had a fantastic experience touring the KGK Manufacturing Unit in Gemopolis, Thailand. They mastered the art of achieving flawless finishes, refined their gemstone setting skills, and expertly set green stones into bracelets.

During their time at KGK, they also acquired invaluable practical experience and insights into the jewelry manufacturing industry. They learned the significance of precision, meticulous attention to detail, and the craftsmanship required to create exquisite pieces that adhere to the highest standards. Hence, this visit offered an insider’s view of the intricate processes involved in jewelry manufacturing. The day concluded with a tour of the Gemopolis, a hub of high-tech jewelry production, providing students with a glimpse into cutting-edge technologies in the field.

Day 2: JK Students Convocation, Networking and Market Exploration

May 23, 2024, was a day that was marked by a significant convocation with esteemed industry leaders such as Mr. Somchai Phornchindarak, President of the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association, along with Mr. Hemant Jain and Mr. Dipak Shahthanawuth, Vice Presidents of the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association. Our very own expert, Mr. Jaynil Ajmera, was also part of this convocation ceremony. This interactive session was a highlight, as students had the rare opportunity to engage with association committee members, gaining insights into setting up a gemology business, understanding taxation policies, and exploring trade ties between India and Thailand. Following this, the students explored the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) Gem Tower Market, immersing themselves in the vibrant Thai gem market before traveling to Chanthaburi.

Day 3: Deep Dive into Gemstone Processing

On May 24, 2024, the students delved into the heart of gemstone processing with a visit to the Chanthaburi Museum and Mines. Here, they learned about the historical significance and mining practices of the region.

The highlight of the day was an in-depth session on heat treatment and glass fill processes used to enhance gemstones. Gemstones such as Sapphires can form with color zoning, like patches or streaks of varying intensity which tend to show a bluish-whitish color on the gemstone. These kind of gemstones would not be a preferred choice to buy. Hence, with the help of heat treatment it helps to distribute color more evenly resulting in a more stabilized and captivating, beautiful blue. Students also witnessed beryllium treatment specially rate blue beryllium, diffusion and many more treated stones.

J K Diamonds Institute students also experienced an incredible opportunity to learn about gemstone transformation through Heat Treatment”.

The process for “Heat Treatment” being as follows:

  1. Securely seal the silicon bottle, ensuring an optimal environment for the stones.
  2. Next, the heating process starts with heating the silicon bottle in the furnance, to witness how the stones begin their magical transformation.
  3. Remove the bottle from the furnace and remove the lid to see different colored gemstones.
  4. Finally, segregate the gemstones to witness, transformed gemstones in their full glory.

Apart from the Heat Treatment, students of J K Diamonds Institute also got the opportunity yo witness the “Glass Filling treatment for Gemstones”.

The glass-filled treatment of gemstones is a sophisticated process that requires careful handling and precision. Initially, the natural rough gemstones are cleaned and prepared, typically involving a pre-treatment to remove any surface impurities. The stones are then placed in an electric crucible a high-temperature container and achieve a slight colour, along with a specific grade and type of lead glass powder.

This mixture is heated to a temperature where the glass melts but the gemstone does not—usually between at 1300 degree Celsius. At these temperatures, the molten glass becomes fluid enough to infiltrate the gemstone fissures and cavities deeply. The gemstone and glass are kept at this heat for a period, ensuring thorough penetration and filling of the gemstone’s imperfections.

Once the heating process is complete, the mixture is allowed to cool, causing the glass to solidify within the gemstone’s structure. This cooling must be controlled to prevent the formation of new stresses within the stone that could lead to cracks or fractures. The result is a gemstone with significantly improved visual characteristics, as the glass filler masks the original imperfections and enhances the stone’s overall clarity and colour.

This practical exposure to advanced gem treatment techniques was an eye-opener for many aspiring gemologists.

Day 4: Gems Market exploration, Gemstone Buying and Farewell

The final day, May 25, 2024, began with students experiencing the dynamic Chanthaburi Market, known for its vast array of gemstones. JK students networked with local traders for their future gem buying purpose and J K Diamonds Institute supported them with how to network and interact for business purpose. This was an excellent opportunity for them to understand the buying and negotiation processes that take place in the real world in a bustling gem market. Students of J K Diamonds Institute took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and purchased rubies from the glass filling process and sold it for 3 times the profit in India. The tour concluded with a journey back to Bangkok Airport, marking the end of a memorable and practical educational trip, before the students departed for Mumbai, India.



Throughout the tour, the students of J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry not only gained practical knowledge but also built a strong international network, fostering relationships that would be invaluable for their future business prospects or careers. The interactive sessions with industry leaders were particularly memorable, providing a platform for students to learn, connect, and envision their future in the gemology industry.

This study tour highlighted J K Diamonds Institute’s commitment to providing its students with unparalleled practical learning experiences, blending classroom knowledge with real-world industry exposure. The insights gained from this tour will undoubtedly shape future gemologists, equipping them with the skills and connections needed to excel in the global gems and jewelry market.