E-learning: The New Form of Education Built for the 21st Century Learners

Education in the gems and jewelry industry is no more restricted to classrooms, which has been clearly demonstrated by J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry and Learnathon through their practical online Gemology and jewelry designing courses. But does distance learning have the potential to become the new normal post Covid19? The answer is yes.

The education systems across the globe have quickly shifted from classroom learning to online education amidst the global pandemic and national lockdown enforcements. It’s interesting to look at how swift this adaptation has been, all thanks to the movement of e-learning methods that have already been in the process of entering education institutions over the past couple of years. So what makes this so fit for the 21st century learners, specially for the students of Gemology?

J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry in association with Learnathon has launched first of its kind Live Online Gemology course with blended learning approach. Lets have a look at the benefits:

Convenience and Flexibility

The type of lifestyle that everybody lives now makes day and night almost irrelevant for achieving certain goals. The addition of mobile devices that can simply fit in your pocket makes this scenario even stronger. Employees and students can simply learn at their convenience, whether on the couch or on their bus ride to work. They can be early birds for their lessons, or retain attention better as night owls. People can access online learning whenever they want, which provides a sort of ease thanks to this time flexibility.

The Online Gemology diploma training by J K Diamonds Institute is a blend of online and 100% practical training approach. J K Diamonds Institute uses interactive learning tools on its e-learning platform “Learnathon” including gamification and social media features that enhance fun learning experience for the students. Let’s understand what makes this e-learning course exciting:

1. Ease on budget

Distance learning may not be so cheap when it’s being set up. Especially when it requires understanding the concepts practically in case of learning Gemology. Different styles of learning demand different integration of interactive tools for students, but it does save a lot of money in the long run. With online learning, there’s no worry of spending on venue, catering, stationary, seating arrangement etc. Even for something as practical as online gemology courses, students can make use of gamified e-learning lessons to get the same knowledge as they would in an actual classroom. Plus, nothing beats the kind of global student reach possible versus the limited recruitments possible in classrooms. What makes this online gemology course more special is it’s blended approach for online and on-campus training. Gemology requires understanding use of various instruments and equipment for practical identification of gemstones. This can best be done in physical classroom environment. Hence, Educational Institutions like J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry provide such advanced online lessons for students as well as on-campus 1 week training so that they can easily learn gemology with consistency and familiarity, no matter where they are in the world.

2. More Engagement Through Interesting Learning Styles

The best part about online learning is its customization and compatibility capabilities for every type of learner. Some prefer written notes, others video lectures and games. This helps every learner to be engaged and interested in what is being taught to them virtually. Students and employees can take up challenges such as quizzes to take note of their progress, and with every level successfully completed, a sense of satisfaction is gained which only pushes learners further to gain more exciting knowledge from their gemology course.

3. Ability to Choose Pacing of Lessons

Usually in classroom teaching, everybody is expected to follow the pace of the instructor, which can be quite the challenge for some. You either try to listen and grasp as much knowledge as you can in the class, or you quickly scribble down notes and hope they make sense to you once you’re back home and studying. Take a gemology course as an example. With so many students huddled up together around the specimens, it can be hard to grasp all the knowledge being shared when there’s so much happening around you. This is where online lessons merged with on campus training have a huge advantage. Any student, whether ahead or behind in the course, can accordingly choose the kind of pacing that suits them. Recaps, quizzes etc. can be taken and repeated whenever the student chooses. This way, anybody learning a course like gemology or jewelry designing, doesn’t miss out on a single lesson.

4. No Geographical Limits

Whether you’re trying to take up a Gemology course in India or the States, the worry of moving to the location where the course is being taught is no more an issue thanks to distance learning, especially now. India is the biggest hub for the manufacturing of diamonds, gems and jewelry. Hence, the expertise present in India is unmatched as seen by the 100% practical courses at J K Diamond Institute. Collaborations and teaching can happen from anywhere, as long as the viewer has a functioning smart device and an internet connection. Administrative Records Made Digital

Teaching any course comes with a lot of administrative paper-work. This is where the technology-driven 21st century comes into play. With Learnathon’s e-learning, performances of every individual are recorded and stored in a matter of seconds thanks to the algorithm-backed platforms on which these online classes take place. Nobody on the administrative team has to individually focus on who’s where in the course and whether someone has even completed their registration or not. Information is presented in a concise and easy manner to instructors supervising these classes, thus saving an ample amount of time and energy for everyone.

5. Relevancy of the Study Material

The world dynamics shift in a matter of a couple years, sometimes even months. In such a fast-paced world, it’s important to stay on track with all relevant trends and changes, especially when it comes to the education sector. The great aspect of e-learning or online learning is that course materials can be changed easily to incorporate current events and lessons. This way, the course material stays relevant to the current world and learners get to study information that is not only valuable to them in current times, but even the future.

The Coronavirus Pandemic may have brought about some difficult changes in the world, but there have been some important realizations too. The system of education seems to be at a major shift on a global scale. It seems as if this new form of learning has been built for the 21st century and the kind of lifestyle it carries with it, and due to the various benefits that online learning carries, it may be able to survive and even thrive in the kind of life we live in now, and will embark on in the near future. J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry and Learnathon is well prepared to transform gems and jewelry education.