3D Printing is a technology that is used by manufacturers to change the world. The new form of manufacturing has revolutionized almost every industry including the gems & jewellery industry. Thus, it’s very important for jewellers to keep up with the fast-paced changing world. JK Diamonds Institute believes in creating a practical, real-time study environment. Therefore, the students of JK visited a 3D Printing workshop on the 2nd of February, 2022, to learn and understand innovative ways of producing distinct jewellery.

Students learnt how 3D Printing has changed the way precious metals and gemstones are carved into exquisite jewellery. We were fascinated by the new and advanced, unexplored avenues it has opened up in terms of design possibilities and rapid manufacturing techniques. Industry leaders around the globe have recognized the potential of 3D printing and adopted it as an integral part of jewellery manufacturing. Education is more than classroom and textbooks. Effective practical learning can expand your vision and help you grow holistically.